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"Excellent Maremma breeder!!!"- Zanna Du

"Thank you so much for Opie! Can’t wait to watch this little big guy grow up! Adventure is out there!"- The Larsons


This family bought 1 and then came back for more!:

"Love my pups! Thank you!"

-M Damiano

"Hank is around 6/7 months old and zena is about 3/4 months old. We have had hank since 14 weeks and zena at 10 weeks. Both currently living full time with about 60 chickens and 10 guinea hens with absolutely zero issues or worries. These pups are not only an amazing addition to the farm but a incredible addition to the family!"


See our critters doing their job!:

"Protecting from this vicious cat!"

-C Cusato

Hamish 1.jpg

"Hamish when we first put him with the birds ~18 months ago, He's the silliest boy unless there's a predator, and then it's all business. Loves running around protecting our birds and goats and cats (he LOVES the cats), watching the cattle, and playing with his best girl Hazel (our border collie mix). "

- J Hamilton

"Jeff is friendly and knowledgeable. he answered all my questions about the Maremma's prior to us purchasing a puppy. We could not be happier with our little girl. She is loving and playful when inside but so gentle when around the chickens. We are so happy and already plan to get another puppy from them in the future"-  E Mucahly

"Mr. Opie had his first vet visit today! He did great! Healthy and happy! And sleepy. 31 lbs. Tomorrow he will be 3 months already! Time needs to slow down."

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