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    Welcome to JT Little Critter Farm!                                                             

We started this little goat farm in Delaware with just a few Oberhasli and Kiko goats along with our beautiful protectors, and companions, the LGD Abruzzese Maremma Sheepdog. But moved on to bigger pastures...  The farm has since moved to more acreage on a 1736 Homestead in Pennsylvania. We've not only expanded our farm but we have expanded the goat herd to include the American Alpine Dairy goats for those who enjoy packing and hiking. 

We breed Kiko's, Oberhasli, and American Alpines to purchase for breeding purposes, milk, backyard (or home) pets and as hiking companion goats. We do not sell for slaughter. Pictures and pricing coming soon!


Our beloved Maremma pups are outside Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) raised and trained on our farm. They are exposed from birth with other dogs, goats, ducks and chickens. They start at 4-5 weeks learning the trade, working the farm alongside the owner on the property. With 45 years of experience in the training and breeding of LGD's and Border Collies, you can rest assured that they are properly handled and ready to work. We are diligent when it comes to pairing our dogs to a farm setting or companion dog. It's the most important issue out there and one that you need to consider before you purchase a Maremma as an LGD or companion dog. Breeding and training our beautiful Maremma Sheepdogs is our passion and has been in our lives since the 80's. We have puppies and Teenagers in different stages of training waiting for employment. Health tested and loved on.


All of our Maremma Sheepdog sales include a lifetime support line with the owner and the chance to belong to our private group Facebook page where our clients can share their experiences and photos of their happy pups as well as tips and advice as we grow together as a community. We have a "Return back" Policy before you rehome or release to a shelter. Not everyone is suited for this breed therefore make sure you are buying from a reputable breeder. There are too many breeders on the market that will sell you a lesser value dog BUT that comes with a price to you, your family and your farm. There is TOO MUCH misinformation and opinions floating around on the internet these days so our advice is talk directly to the breeder on the phone or in person. We care deeply about you and the welfare of our dogs. 



All inquiries welcomed! Please call 302-604-1295 or 302-604-3440 

leave a message if no answers. WE are outside working!            


Please check out our gallery and pages as we add pictures as they become available for purchase,

For all inquiries please contact:


Jeffrey Terena





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